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Current Build: 303   (2010-10-15)

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New in this version:

  • The new I/O routine does not use MSCOMM32.OCX, thus eliminating the problems with some USB-to-Serial adapters
  • Data files can now be saved with .TXT extension or be converted to CSV (to be directly used in spreadsheet applications)

New in previous version (build 268 of 2008-04-02):

  • 2 new time services:
    GMT sends Greenwich Mean Time and Daylight Saving Status
    TIMEINFO sends local Time, Offset to GMT and Daylight Saving Status
Download the Installer:  


 1.82 MB

In rare cases, Setup will ask you to additionally install Microsoft Scripting Runtime.

If this happenes, download and execute one of the two versions:

Linux installation

Psi2Win runs under WINE, and so should the current installer. However this has not been tested yet.

If you have problems with the installer, you need to install the VB6 runtime environment and Common Controls, the Scripting Runtimes (link above) and the executable manually.

See this page for more information!

Previous Version

The beta3 version is using a different I/O mechanism. Actually it is designed to be compatible with all sorts of serial ports, including USB adapters. However I have got a single report where it wouldn't work, but build 268 would. Therefore the old version is still available for download here.

Experimental Versions

Experimental versions do not come with an installer, you must install the current version first!

Currently available:

  • Build 304 (2011-10-28) introduces a basic print mode that allows you to access your PC printer from the organiser.

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